We are electronic evidence experts

"Your contributions to the field of computer technology and e-discovery are truly commendable and have impacted how businesses and government retain and produce electronic records. You should be proud of your role in establishing and shaping this new industry."

Mary Taylor, CPA
Ohio Auditor of State
Columbus, Ohio


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    Our Belief is that the Data Tells the Real Story...We're Experts at Getting that Story

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Electronic Evidence Experts Providing Digital Forensics, E-Discovery and IT Security Solutions

Vestige's Value Proposition

As trusted digital forensics advisors, we enable our clients to make educated and informed decisions about their approach and application regarding electronic evidence, information security and cyber security. To that end, our clients realize:

  • Speedier access to critical information, earlier in the process
  • The most cost-effective alternative for their specific needs
  • A more thorough and defensible approach to identifying, preserving, analyzing, producing and reviewing electronic evidence.

We Turn Digital Evidence into Intelligence™

We do this by utilizing a step-by-step protocol supported by both technology and case law; carried out by legal and technical professionals, who assume responsibility for identifying and producing electronically stored evidence in a manner that transforms the responsive data into usable evidence for our clients.

Contact Your Columbus, Cleveland & Pittsburgh IT Professionals

For Questions and concerns about our digital forensics, data breach, and cyber security solutions, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you in choosing the best solution for your business. Thank you for choosing Vestige as your information security solutions provider.