We are electronic evidence experts

"I hope you're not going to base your corporate billing procedures on a "Value Added" scenario. I might owe you a million dollars if so. Great job you guys."

Michael A. Fidelholtz
Controller, Form Tech Concrete Forms
Cleveland, Ohio


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    Our Belief is that the Data Tells the Real Story...We're Experts at Getting that Story

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Electronic Evidence Experts Specializing in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Solutions

Vestige's Value Proposition

We Turn Digital Evidence into Intelligence™

We are Electronic Evidence Experts specializing in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.  Our expertise is used in civil litigation and criminal proceedings as well as internal investigations to discover, investigate and protect against the good, the bad and the ugly -- so that stakeholders can make the best educated decisions for their situation.

To that end, our clients:

  • Gain remarkable insight from information that is locked within the digital evidence used by suspects, including deleted, hidden and otherwise unobtainable information,
  • Receive unparalleled responsiveness from highly available Experts with the experience to deliver rapid results,
  • Obtain factual, un-biased and non-advocating evidence of what happened and how digital evidence is involved,
  • Draw easy to understand intelligence about the evidence, presented in a fashion that non-technical individuals can comprehend and use, and
  • Receive real-world, actionable recommendations on how best to protect their organization from the loss, misue or harm that the cyber world introduced--gleaned from years of deep experience obtained through the investigations we conduct.


Contact Your Columbus, Cleveland & Pittsburgh Digital Forensics & Cyber Professionals

For Questions and concerns about our digital forensics, data breach, and cyber security solutions, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you in choosing the best solution for your business. Thank you for choosing Vestige as your information security solutions provider.