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Digital Forensics

Vestige Digital Forensic Services

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The definition of Digital Forensics — the science of extracting electronic information, both visible and invisible, from electronic devices.

Some of these include computers, laptops, phones, tablets, surveillance cameras, servers and more. With the ubiquitous nature of electronic devices both in the workplace and at home, it’s little wonder why so much of today’s “evidence” is found on them.

Digital Forensics examination surrounds us in unprecedented ways. As such it is becoming harder and harder for our digital forensics investigators to track down potential wrongdoings through traditional investigative means.  Digital evidence, including e-mail, activity logs, correspondence, user documents, internet activity and other electronic files are becoming increasingly crucial in internal investigations, civil matters and criminal cases, even when the data has been deleted or an attempt has been made at deleting and/or covering up the evidence.

The digital forensics investigators at Vestige are able to successfully analyze all electronic evidence, recovering data even if it has been deleted. Our digital forensics experts and investigators know and understand the artifacts and trace evidence that exists on electronic devices and how those can be used in both computer forensics court cases and  on-litigation-related investigations. Look to Vestige for digital forensic examination services of any digital device.

Representing Vestige Serves as a Neutral Expert to Either Side.

Vestige works with many of the top law firms including international, national and regional teams offering forensic analysis for court purposes or internal digital evidence investigations. Our clients represent both plaintiffs and defendants. We are members of a number of local, regional, national and Specialty Bar Associations. In matters where the court is looking for expeditious and efficient process to get to the relevant facts, we are appointed to serve as Neutral Experts. We also work extensively with Financial, Government, HR, Insurance, IT and Law Enforcement professionals.

Vestige Digital Forensic Services:

The Digital Forensics Process includes:

Case Types

Vestige provides Digital Forensic services in Multiple Types of Cases. 

System & Media Types

Vestige provides timely and trusted computer forensic examinations of any digital device including:


Vestige exceeds Industry Standard methodologies and protocols established by a number of Professional Associations specific to Digital / Computer Forensics. As an organization founded by forensically-trained trial attorneys and comprised of forensically-trained IT professionals, Vestige derives its protocols from applicable case law, best practices and standards promulgated by our industry.

We have assisted in a variety of computer forensic investigations including:

In nearly all aspects Vestige exceeds digital forensic methodology protocols by adding our expertise to the mix. We attribute our success to our commitment to high standards along with our years of experience with a variety of digital investigations. We treat every case as if it is going to go to trial…that way we’re well prepared for those that actually do.

Some of the specific methodologies that we embrace:

    • U.S. Department of Justice Guidelines on the Searching and Seizure of Electronic Evidence
    • International Society of Forensic Computer Examiner’s (ISFCE) Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
    • ISFCE’s Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certification requirements
    • Guidance Software’s EnCE certification requirements
    • National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) project
    • Acquisition / Imaging

Vestige’s work begins by identifying relevant electronic data sources for which we then create forensic clones. A forensic clone also goes by a number of synonyms such as: bit-for-bit imaging, byte-for-byte imaging, mirror image and exact copy. Vestige’s protocol ensures that the clone we take is an exact duplicate of the source drive and provides a mechanism for authenticating the evidence down-the-road.

See the boxes below for our Digital Forensics Services: