Why Vestige

We are Electronic Evidence Experts specializing in Digital Forensics and CyberSecurity. Our digital forensic investigators use expertise that is applied in civil litigation and criminal proceedings as well as internal investigations to discover, investigate and protect against the good, the bad and the ugly -- so that stakeholders can make the best educated decisions for their situation. To that end, our clients:

  • Gain remarkable insight from information that is locked within the digital evidence used by suspects, including deleted, hidden and otherwise unobtainable information,
  • Receive unparalleled responsiveness from highly available Experts with the experience to deliver rapid results,
  • Obtain factual, un-biased and non-advocating evidence of what happened and how digital evidence is involved,
  • Draw easy to understand intelligence about the evidence, presented in a fashion that non-technical individuals can comprehend and use, and
  • Receive real-world, actionable recommendations on how best to protect their organization from the loss, misuse or harm that the cyber world introduced--gleaned from years of deep experience obtained through the investigations we conduct.

    • Only 44 calls out of 10,500 received in past 12 months waited longer than 1 minute to speak with a representative.

      Virtually No
      On-Hold Time
    • Standard turnaround within two weeks with capability of 72 hours for emergency matters.

    • 98.8% of inbound phone calls are answered by a live person.

      Reach a
      Live Person
    • Our flat-fee pricing gives you a predictive investment — with no cost-overruns in 99.61% of our matters.

      Virtually 0
      Cost Overruns
    • 2 out of 3 matters come to us as a referral from a happy client, their legal counsel or referral source.

      67% come to us
      as referrals
    • Our clients get to make well-informed decisions and avoid being surprised because we’re not afraid to tell them the Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

    • Vestige Experts have testified as Digital Forensics Experts in more than 70 matters.

    • We continue to receive feedback from our clients that we make understanding the complex…easy!

  • Responsiveness, Speed & Availability
  • Reliability
  • Knowledge

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International espionage: VP simultaneously working for a foreign competitor and funneling information. ...

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Large Benchmark Case: Multi-state healthcare provider involved in regulatory investigation for fraud. ...

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