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Vestige – The Trusted Source for Digital Forensic, Cybersecurity, and ESI Expert Testimony

Today, the relevant digital evidence that can be found on digital devices provides significant proof in legal matters. When a case is heading to court, keep the experts at Vestige in mind.

Choose Vestige to insulate your client or IT staff who may be uncomfortable, inexperienced or may not perform well in providing an Affidavit, Deposition, or Testimony at a hearing or trial.

We are Digital Forensic Experts in accordance with Federal Rules of Evidence 702 and offer neutral testimony pertaining to what digital forensics reveals. We have extensive deposition, hearing and trial experience. In fact, we’ve testified in courts of law in more than 100 Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity matters.

We are Experts at opining on digital devices and IT environments and their related evidence and security. Look to Vestige when you need Expert witnesses for computer / digital forensics, electronically stored information or cybersecurity.

Vestige Testimony Services include:

We take pride in being up-front and honest with our clients. We enjoy a reputation of bringing integrity to each case.  As an objective party we follow the digital evidence. And because the “evidence is what it is,” we represent either side — defendant or plaintiff, and are industry professionals in providing compelling cyber security expert witness testimony.

If you are seeking forensic expert witnesses or a Digital Forensics Expert to represent you or your client in a matter, contact Vestige’s elite selection of highly experienced and well respected Digital Forensic, Cybersecurity and ESI Experts. We offer a number of affordable options.

Where Legal Minds Go for Expert Knowledge, Services & Testimony

Sample Testimony Feedback

One of Vestige’s Sr. Forensic Analysts testified in front of a court and jury on a high profile case.

He testified on the Digital Forensics Expert Report he wrote based on the preservation, analysis and testing of the uncovered evidence found on a computer that was gathered from a criminal defense matter. Here’s the response we received from the attorneys who contracted with us for Digital Forensics and Expert Testimony:

“Ian was amazing! He hit it out of the park. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen on the stand from an Expert.  He presented well, didn’t argue with prosecutors, and was 100% objective and professional.  Thank you.“

— Don Malarcik, Attorney – Malarcik, Pierce, Munyer & Will – Akron, OH

“You have a great Expert Witness there. Ian was a rockstar…Total home run!! Thanks again.”

— Noah Munyer, Attorney – Malarcik, Pierce, Munyer & Will – July 2019


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There is no way we would have been able to achieve compliance to the requirements of both NIST and the cybersecurity questionnaire without Vestige. You skillfully guided us on how to meet & verify compliance, helped with remediation, and conducted the required training.
VP Office Operations PMI Industries, Inc, Cleveland, OH

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