ESI Planning - The key to successful eDiscovery

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The choices that are made at the forefront of any electronic discovery matter can have a paramount impact on the success of the process – whether you define success in terms of efficiency, lack of issues, cost, or delivery time.  As such, it makes sense to take the appropriate time up-front, to plan accordingly.

Vestige’s planning process addresses:

  • Who will be responsible for identifying the relevant sources of discoverable digital evidence
  • How will those sources be identified and more importantly, how will relevant sources that are not as readily identifiable be discovered
  • The manner in which evidence shall be preserved and who will be responsible
  • Decisions surrounding review platforms and tools that will be employed by the review team
  • Understanding the various touch points along the way and how those transitions will be managed to: ensure integrity with the data, prevent issues that can impact the speed, quality and cost of the follow-on steps
  • The use of technology in culling, searching, reviewing and producing documents
  • Expectations around timeframes, responsibilities, error handling, communication and transition points

See the four boxes below that describe our eDiscovery Planning solutions:

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The records and evidence uncovered by your organization proved to be the decisive factor in the litigation, and gave our organization tremendous leverage in the settlement process.
Christopher S. Miller Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems Inc, Solon, OH