As Electronic Evidence Experts, Vestige is a leading provider of a wide range of Digital Forensic and CyberSecurity Solutions. We also offer E-Discovery | Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Consulting, and Data Recovery. As each situation differs, our Digital Forensic and CyberSecurity services are customized and tailored to provide companies with the most effective solutions.

Our full suite of solutions and services are centered on both RESPONDING and PREPARING.

RESPONDING or Reactive Solutions apply to: Digital Forensics, CyberSecurity (Data Breach|Incident Response; Malware and Root Cause Analysis, and Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Reboot); (ESI) Electronically Stored Information Consulting and Data Recovery.

PREPARING or Proactive Solutions apply to: CyberSecurity (Assessments, BreachReady℠, CyberSecurity Awareness Training, Virtual CISO, Hunt Team) and ESI / eDiscovery Services.

Being able to successfully Respond to your organization’s Electronic Evidence needs starts with being adequately prepared. Vestige has developed comprehensive solutions designed to assess an organization’s readiness and has put together services designed to prepare the organization for using Electronic Evidence most effectively, whether reacting or getting ahead of the curve and being prepared up-front. However, if your proactive cyber defense preparation did not occur, we are also equipped to respond quickly while preserving valuable evidence to help mitigate the damage.


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