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Vestige Cybersecurity Services

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Looking for compliance, proactive or reactive cybersecurity solutions?

Vestige is here to help.  Look to Vestige so you are best able to prevent, detect and respond to Cybersecurity issues.

Our proactive Cybersecurity solutions are focused on a multi-layered approach to help keep your organization fully protected from security incidents and breaches. Our services help organizations understand how these incidents impact the organization and what the organization can do about them.

Here’s how Vestige can assist:

First to understand

Let’s face it, for many organizations Information Technology in and of itself is difficult.  Layer on the intricacies of having to defend your resources (data, infrastructure, etc.) from external and internal bad actors and you can quickly see that it’s no wonder organizations (and society in general) are facing considerable challenges from a cybersecurity standpoint.

Identifying and understanding what risks exist within an organization becomes the starting point for truly addressing these challenges.  Too often organizations approach cybersecurity with a shotgun methodology – seeking out the latest “silver bullet” being pushed onto us by vendors quick to solve our cybersecurity problems – without even inquiring or understanding what we already have in place, what risks are still remaining and how their solution will/won’t address those.

It is Vestige’s philosophy that you must start with an understanding of what your true risks are – something we term your Actual Threat Environment™ .

As such, Vestige offers a wide variety of Assessments, including regulatory, compliancy and certification-based assessments.


A critical first-step to a proactive cybersecurity defense strategy is performing an Assessment of your digital environment. Each of our assessments are designed to locate security gaps and what needs to be achieved to meet requirements to get to a secure level, at targeted compliance, or certified. Depending on your goal.

Vestige offers a variety of types of Proactive Cybersecurity Assessments:

Technical Assessments:


It’s one thing to be able to identify the risks and issues that can crop up within the organization’s environment.  It’s a whole other thing to know what to do about those issues and how best to address them for YOUR organization.

That’s where Vestige’s decades of experience in cybersecurity solutions can help.  Our experts are well-versed in the technical, administrative and procedural options to address cybersecurity.  We are equally comfortable in environments that are all on-premises, all cloud-based, or hybrid.  We are comfortable with Windows, Apple, Linux, mini-frame (i.e. iSeries/AS400, SunOS, etc.) and even IoT.  We even understand DevSecOps.

Our approach marries common sense, business acumen, a deep understanding of the best practices in terms of what works and what doesn’t with years of expertise in Information Technology, Information Security.

Vestige Proactive Turnkey Solutions

Whether looking to add a cybersecurity component or complement existing IT or security personnel, Vestige has you covered.  We have designed a series of turnkey solutions and can offer advisory services as needed:

Reactive Cybersecurity Solutions

Have you already been compromised or breached? Vestige experts are accustomed to being parachuted in after an incident has occurred, and we offer various reactive cybersecurity services.

Learn more about our Remediation Solutions.

Vestige is an official Contributor to the VERIZON DBIR for 8 years & named a Top CyberSecurity Firm:

See our complete list of Cybersecurity Solutions in the boxes below:

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There is no way we would have been able to achieve compliance to the requirements of both NIST and the cybersecurity questionnaire without Vestige. You skillfully guided us on how to meet & verify compliance, helped with remediation, and conducted the required training.
VP Office Operations PMI Industries, Inc, Cleveland, OH

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