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ESI Processing - The heavy lifting portion of eDiscovery

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ESI Processing

Generally, the bulk of the heavy lifting with eDiscovery actually occurs during the processing stage.  Of course, the success of this phase is often the result of the success of the planning phase.

During the Processing phase, Vestige eDiscovery Experts are:

  • Verifying completeness of the data sets
  • Validating successful preservation
  • Preparing the data for search, by
  • Identifying password-protected documents and other document types that are not otherwise accessible
  • Extracting compressed documents to make them searchable
  • Performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow embedded text within pictures/diagrams/drawings, etc., to be searchable
  • Identifying incompatible document types and establishing a method of addressing
  • Indexing the data for quick, effective searching
  • Automated classification of documents
  • De-Duplication
  • Crafting appropriate keyword search strategies to limit false-positives while reducing the volume of false-negatives

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