Insurance Companies

Insurance companies call upon Vestige because of our speed, agility and ability to get extremely cost-effective, solid results time and time again in insurance fraud investigations.

Smart insurers recognize and understand that electronic evidence’s real power is not in its ability to be a repository of content, but instead, be a treasure-trove of artifacts–the perfect witness. A computer forensics specialist can aid in insurance fraud investigations by uncovering proof in insurance claims, subrogation, evaluating fraudulent claims, investigating data breaches, and providing information to set up an incident response plan for cybersecurity protection. Whether investigating auto accidents, industrial accidents, damage claims, issues of liability or simply being involved in litigation with e-Discovery requirements this can be a useful tool. Insurers have successfully counted on Vestige and its team of Legal and Technical Experts for robust, cost-effective and timely digital forensics solutions.

How Vestige assists Insurance Companies


Digital Forensics & ESI:

    • Digital Forensics – Incident Response Services
    • Vestige’s flat-fee pricing makes cost-containment easy
    • Identification and Preservation of relevant electronic evidence to avoid spoliation charges
    • Image & Hold preservation
    • Defensible Preservation Plans to eviscerate claims of spoliation and minimize future re-work
    • Computer Forensic analysis of electronic evidence (including but not limited to: computers, servers, cell phones, electronic surveillance systems, telemetry and automation equipment)
    • Analysis and Processing of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”)
    • Early Case Assessment and Case-Building analysis of Electronic Evidence
    • Keyword and conceptual searching of Electronic Evidence
    • On-line hosting for review of native and/or PDF/TIFF images
    • Creation of load files for e-Discovery review tools
    • Production of ESI pursuant with decisions in a matter
    • e-Discovery Liaison / e-Discovery Coordinator
    • Assist with creation and response to Request for Production of Documents
    • Assist with preparation and response of interrogatories, depositions, affidavits and other testimony

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