As of June 1, 2024, Vestige Digital Investigations is part of ArcherHall, a leading digital forensics, 
e-discovery, and cybersecurity service provider. The Vestige team that you know and trust will
continue to serve you at ArcherHall. Our expanded team, capabilities, and infrastructure will allow
us to serve you and your clients even better.

IT Professionals

IT Professionals

We know the drill! The CEO comes to you at 2 p.m. on a Friday afternoon with a request from the organization’s outside counsel asking you to identify and preserve all data relevant to a dozen people’s systems and to perform a search of that material looking for “hits” on 50 or so keywords.

Oh, and did we mention it was the CEO? And that she promised it to outside counsel first thing Monday morning? Easy stuff, right? After all, it’s just computer-stuff or something like that. “Hey, when I Google the Internet I immediately get millions of relevant hits…how hard could it be in our little organization?” Or maybe it’s 10 a.m. on a Monday morning and you’re just ready to face the week–you’ve cleared off all the unimportant things so that you can hit that one big project this week and HR shows up at the door telling you that they just let the CFO go…can you make sure the system is locked-down so he can’t get back in.

We know the life of IT because we’re geeks at heart. As an organization of IT Professionals and Legal Professionals we live life with one foot in each world. We think that gives us some pretty neat perspectives on IT security forensics. We also know that for most IT professionals, your job is to keep the mission-critical systems going for your organization. We know that these “little” bumps in the road always turn out to be bigger than first presented, take longer than expected, interrupt your usual schedule and often result in discovering that you just don’t have the tools (let alone time to learn the tools) to handle these odd, infrequent requests.

That’s where Vestige, the digital data forensics and cybersecurity experts, comes in to ensure the preservation of digital information and recovery of data. Learn about our IT forensic support services below.

How Vestige helps IT Professionals

  • Assist with dataflow and risk mapping of your organization’s environment for the purposes of litigation
  • Quick, cost-effective and effortless preservation of digital information in a method that preserves authenticity/admissibility
  • Forensic analysis of devices (networks, laptops, desktops, cell phones, PDAs and a wide array of other electronic devices)
  • Network penetration testing and other IT Assessment/Auditing actions
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Compliance
  • Locking-down systems
  • Incident Response for purposes of stopping an attack, responding to regulatory requirements and assessing down-stream liability and/or disclosure requirements
  • Keyword and conceptual searching across all types of data including structured and unstructured file systems (e-mail, user-created documents, etc.)
  • Password cracking and encryption breaking of individual files, media, and systems
  • Produce the data to the legal team (in-house counsel, outside counsel, etc.) in a reviewable form that allows them to work with it, including, if necessary conversion to TIFF/PDF format
  • Recovery of data from damaged: hard-drives, backup tapes and other media; including recovering data that has been deleted

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