Vestige and McGuireWoods law firm are presenting to the SAME BOSTON POST on October 3. Topic: What to Know Before the CMMC Auditor Arrives.


Grow In A Rapidly Expanding Market With Vestige

Grow In A Rapidly Expanding Market With Vestige

You don’t need to look far beyond current headlines to understand what a rapidly growing issue data breaches have become in business today. Millions of dollars are being lost per incident in the form of remediation expenses, lost customers and harm to reputation and confidence.

What makes data breach issues so challenging is the ever evolving and expanding variety of exposures and causes within our modern, electronic business environments. Use of multiple technologies and electronic devices, changing work behaviors and attitudes as well as evolving business relationships are just a few of the diverse factors contributing to this challenge of delivering strategies for electronic business. The need to properly navigate these factors is high; however,present solutions in the marketplace are too limited and focus primarily on compliance with regulatory standards. These traditional “compliance and audit” solutions fail to address the wide span of vulnerabilities that actually exist within a modern business environment.

Vestige is uniquely positioned as one of the only companies in the marketplace with the real world investigative experience and sophisticated incident response expertise to help clients properly prepare for and respond to data breaches as well as educate them about their actual data risks.  For over 11 years, we have been a trusted partner to major law firms and businesses who rely upon Vestige to take responsibility for executing and defending, with expert testimony, the protocols and processes by which we evaluate and respond to these matters. This includes identifying and preserving evidence to support insurance and litigation claims, determining cause, scope and regulatory obligations as well as providing a turnkey solution to meet these requirements while mitigating harm to reputation.

Vestige has integrated, through frontline experience, digital forensic application, IT, private investigative and legal expertise required to deliver the Pre and Post Breach Solutions the market demands. If you are or have interest in operating in this space, our holistic answers to mitigate the risks and effects of data breaches will enable you to lead by providing the one solution that meets the bandwidth of the challenge.

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