Bloomsburg University in PA is hosting the 2024 BloomCON - 0x08. Vestige is guest speaking on March 1 on Careers in Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity.

InfoVision 21 Inc

InfoVision21 is a Vestige Digital Investigations Channel Partner offering Expanded Services
for Document Conversion, Processing and Litigation Support Services.

InfoVision21 works with customers on various IT initiatives ranging from software development to document conversion and offers third-party Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services. They specialize in cost effective Document Conversion, Processing, and Litigation Support Services serving the legal requirements of various Law Firms, Corporate, and Government Agencies.

Vestige offers their clients advanced Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity Services (both Proactive & Reactive) as a means of expanding services providing a larger service offering.