Mergers and Acquisitions

Attorneys specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) as well as Businesses looking to merge with or purchase another company look to Vestige for I.T. and CyberSecurity Expertise.

M&A Attorneys utilize Vestige to perform IT Assessments for the purpose of due diligence of I.T. systems — to determine their strengths, weaknesses and risks prior to the merger or acquisition of a company.  We assist by determining if the company has been hacked or breached and help to identify the level of risk the company has from an I.T. standpoint prior to ‘sealing the deal’.  It’s important to know when to negotiate a better price or walk away from a deal due to existing security issues, which could include compromised networks, data breaches, or poor compliance practices.

Performing I.T. Due Diligence Offers:

Measure Maturity of an Organization’s I.T. to:

  • Identify Critical Information Assets (Data)
  • Understand where those assets are located and how they’re controlled
  • Understand protection in-place
  • Understand Regulatory | Compliance Issues


CyberSecurity Health:

  • Assess CyberSecurity Risk utilizing the 22 Critical Controls
  • Understand “Shadow” I.T. & End-User Activity

Benefits Vestige Offers in M&A’s:

Vestige can address the following needs:

  • Need to understand what risks you’re walking into
  • Need for a relatively quick response
  • Need to control escalating acquisition costs


In short, Vestige offers:

  • Red flag identification
  • Assessment of the level of risk and how it’s being addressed
  • Overall assessment of management of IT

Article from Fortune: Yahoo’s Titanic Data Breach Highlights Risk to M&A


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