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Digital Forensics in West Virginia

Charleston WV - Vestige Digital Investigations

Digital Forensics in West Virginia

Looking for the best choice for digital forensics and computer forensics services in West Virginia?  Look to Vestige Digital Investigations.  Professionals in the Legal, Insurance, Financial, Law Enforcement, HR , IT and corporate fields choose Vestige as trusted business advisors and service providers who offer timely and trusted digital investigations and security of I.T. systems and devices. Established in 2004, the certified analysts and data evidence specialists specialize in locating and recovering Electronic Evidence as well as systems security.

Vestige’s comprehensive digital forensics services include:

Vestige investigates ANY type of digital device.
(examples include: laptops, PCs, phones, workstations, servers, video, surveillance systems and unusual devices). We unlock and gain remarkable insight into the evidence and artifacts within to solve disputes and litigate claims, even if it’s believed to be deleted.

Case Types include:

  • Non-Compete  | IP-Theft  | Non-Solicitation
  • White Collar Crime | Fraud | Embezzlement
  • Breach of Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Contract | Shareholder Disputes
  • Data Recovery
  • Destruction of Data
  • Domestic Relations
  • Employment Relations: Age Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Workers’ Compensation, Wrongful Termination
  • Insurance Claims; including Property & Casualty
  • Probate Matters
  • Regulatory | Compliance
  • Shareholder Dispute
  • Wrongful Death

Vestige’s team of cyber investigators offer trusted and extensive Cybersecurity experience to organizations including:

  • Pro-Active Cybersecurity – Preventive actions to stop incidents and data breaches BEFORE they occur.
  • Re-Active Cyber Security – Swift, leading edge response to significantly mitigate damage

Sooner or later almost every business is faced with producing electronic evidence to comply with court mandates or regulatory requests. Vestige’s professional electronic discovery consultants analyze terabytes of data — to uncover the most relevant evidence.
Our services include:

  • Defensible Preservation Plan
  • Defensible Search

As a neutral party, Vestige offers Expert Testimony in Federal, State and Local Courts.  We are accustomed to affidavits, depositions, as well as in-court appearance. While the majority of cases do not go to court, we have deep knowledge and extensive experience. In fact, we have testified in courts of law in more than 70 matters as Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity Experts.

For more information, CONTACT US via email today; or call:

Charleston and Parkersburg, West Virginia and surrounding areas can call Vestige’s Columbus, Ohio office at 614-846-8660.

Wheeling, WV and surrounding areas call Vestige’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office at 412-315-7277.