OCTOBER IS CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS MONTH!  A month dedicated to working together to raise the importance of cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity Services Cleveland Ohio | VESTIGE


Vestige Cybersecurity Services in Cleveland Ohio

The risk of experiencing a cybersecurity incident is at an all-time high. That’s why smart organizations look to Vestige Digital Investigations in Cleveland, Ohio — trusted and experienced Cybersecurity Experts.  We recognize your work expectations are at an all-time high and you’re often pulled in too many directions to address some of the proactive and reactive security and digital forensic work needed in a timely fashion.  We can help.

Vestige offers two types of Cleveland cybersecurity services:


These are preventive actions to stop incidents and data breach BEFORE it occurs
Choose from:

  • IT Assessments – several types of assessments are available that offer high level detection of all the gaps in an I.T. system and solutions to close those gaps for premium cybersecurity protection;
  • BreachReady℠ – have our cybersecurity services contracted and on speed-dial BEFORE a breach occurs – this saves considerable time in vetting out a service and is much more timely which can mitigate serious damage to valuable corporate and client information
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training – the majority of cyber incidents are caused directly, or indirectly by the end-users. Take advantage of Vestige’s educational tools to enure that your organization’s employees fully understand safe Cybersecurity practices on a continuing basis.
  • Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer Services)
  • Hunt Team Services – This is our premier service that includes a comprehensive, long-term agreement to assist your IT security team with counterintelligence in a flexible and fiscally responsible way. Vestige’s team of cyber investigators continuously search the network to look for active indicators of pre-breach attempts. The Hunt Team then stops or greatly mitigates the attack BEFORE it can occur and keeps you alert throughout the process.


Urgent response after a data breach or incident in your I.T. environment
Choose from:

  • Incident | Data Breach Response
  • Malware Analysis
  • Root-Cause Analysis, and more

When an organization faces a Cybersecurity threat, time is of the essence for identifying malicious activity, how the incident occurred, removing the incident and taking all the required follow-up actions.  Keeping or getting the organization back to normal operation is always the primary concern.  At Vestige we not only provide the entire scope of risk, but also preserve the evidence (often overlooked by less experienced cybersecurity services); understand the totality of the situation; and recommend an appropirate course of action to prevent / follow-on or mitigate future attacks.

If you are seeking Cybersecurity Services in Cleveland, Ohio call Vestige’s local office at (330) 721-1205 or CONTACT US via email. We offer the best Cybersecurity services in Cleveland and the surrounding Great Lakes region.