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Digital Forensics in Columbus


Digital Forensics in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus area law firms and businesses can benefit from Vestige Digital Forensic services.  As Electronic Evidence Experts, We Turn Digital Evidence Into IntelligenceTM. We do this by utilizing a step-by-step protocol supported by technology and case law; carried out by legal and technical professionals who take responsibility for identifying and producing electronically stored evidence in a manner that transforms the responsive data into usable evidence that can help win cases.

Vestige serves all central Ohio counties: Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, Hocking, Licking, Madison, Morrow, Perry, Pickaway and Union County through our local Columbus office. We’re here for you.

The Digital Forensic Experts at Vestige

Vestige is well established and highly respected in the Digital Forensics (aka Computer Forensics) field. As trusted business advisors, we enable our clients to make educated and informed decisions about their approach and application regarding electronic evidence. To that end, our clients realize: speedier access to critical information, earlier in the process; the most cost-effective alternative for their specific needs; and a more thorough and defensible approach to electronic evidence.

Attorneys, property and casualty insurance investigators, IT and human resources professionals look to us cases such as: Non-Compete, IP Theft, White-Collar Crime, Fraud, Embezzlement, Data Recovery, IT Audit Assessments, Insurance Claims and Employment Relations.

Vestige’s certified computer forensic experts in Columbus, Ohio also provide nationwide coverage to SMB’s, Mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies for Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity and eDiscovery Services.  It’s good to know Vestige treats every case as if it is going to court so it’s air-tight from the beginning of the case with no back-pedaling.  We’re also Digital Forensic Testimonial Experts in courts of law.

Vestige specializes in preserving, analyzing, authenticating and providing thorough reporting on electronic evidence from any digital devices.  This includes computers, workstations, services, mobile devices, phones, voicemail, surveillance systems, removable and external media, recorders and more — even items that have been deleted can often be recovered.

If you are seeking digital investigative assistance in Columbus, Ohio contact our computer forensic experts — call Vestige Digital Investigations local office at (614) 846-8660 or CONTACT us via email. We offer the best in digital forensic services in Columbus.