Vestige and McGuireWoods law firm are presenting to the SAME BOSTON POST on October 3. Topic: What to Know Before the CMMC Auditor Arrives.


Digital Forensics in Detroit


Digital Forensics in Detroit, Michigan

The certified Digital Forensic Experts at Vestige perform forensic investigations on ANY digital devices (from mobile devices, entire computer systems, surveillance and recording systems, servers and more). These investigations in Michigan are utilized to recover evidential data and artifacts to help organizations who have contracted our services solve a range of matters, from internal disputes to assistance in solving serious crimes.

Vestige – Your Best Local Experts

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Vestige is located  in close proximity to the mitten state’s motor city — Detroit, Michigan. Professional insurance investigators, claims adjusters, attorneys, auditors, HR, IT, law enforcement and corporate transaction and securities professionals look to Vestige for our expertise in Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity and ESI Consulting services.

Vestige utilizes the latest forensic and diagnostic tools to gather and analyze findings. In fact, where most of our competition utilizes only a few tools, we utilize more than 250 forensic and diagnostic software, hardware and techniques to help uncover electronic evidence.  Our standard turn-around time is within two weeks, with the ability of 72 hours in emergency matters. In addition to speed and accuracy, Vestige analysts offer an exceptional ability to place a wide variety of data types in context and present them in an easy to understand, actionable format for our clients.

Founded by forensically-trained IT professionals and forensically-trained attorneys, we understand both the technical and legal aspects of matters and provide guidance to position the evidence from an admissibility and strategy standpoint.

Considered a leader in the industry, Vestige serves as an objective, neutral party in matters. From start to finish, the Vestige Team strives to bring tangible benefit to each and every engagement, interaction, business relationship. In courts of law we are recognized Digital Forensic Testimony Experts. In fact we’ve testified in over 70 matters.

Digital forensics and investigations in Detroit, MI  — call Vestige at 330-721-1205 or 800-314-4357 or CONTACT US via email. As trusted counselors in digital forensics and cybersecurity issues, our experienced staff are here to help.