2021 CSU Virtual Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection Conference

Date(s) - 05/20/2021 - 05/21/2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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6th Annual Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection VIRTUAL Conference

Vestige is a Sponsor & Speaker at this dynamic event being held Thursday, May 20 and Friday, May 21, 2021 and hosted by Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

It brings together experienced government officials, in-house counsel, business executives, cyber insurance leaders, litigators, information security officers and privacy managers to discuss current developments and best practices in cybersecurity and privacy protection. The conference is aimed at identifying innovative strategies that integrate legal, managerial and technical approaches to managing cyber and privacy risks.

A truly cross-sector event, Cleveland-Marshall’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Conference is one of the leading educational and networking events in the Great Lakes Region, and features rich content of interest to legal and compliance professionals, information technology and security experts, and executives responsible for developing security and privacy policies.



Tony Sager is a senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for CIS® (The Center for Internet Security, Inc.) He leads the development of the CIS Controls™, a worldwide consensus project to find and support technical best practices in cybersecurity.

His presentation is titled, Cybersecurity Maturity from Oxymoron to Inevitable.

Cybersecurity was historically treated as the domain of Wizards – clever (and often scruffy)_ practitioners, speaking incomprehensible languages and wielding mysterious technology, fending off magial “advanced and persistent” and “nation-state” adversaries.  But over the last few years, cybersecurity has rapidly moved into the mainstream of risk decision making; from the domain of techno-wizardry into a core business and social concern.  Every day individuals, enterprises, and governments make decisions about risks that are dependent on information technology, often implicitly, sometimes unknowingly.

In the business, you sometimes hear of Cybersecurity “Maturity”, but that generally refers to getting better at doing cyberscurity – more capable, consistent, repeatable, able to deliver under stress. But the foundational need for maturity is the role it must play in our individual and collective decision-making about business and social risks, and how it can help us understand and take action on risks that are dependent on Information Technology.



Ohio Lieutenant Governor, Jon Husted, will discuss data security and privacy legal and regulatory developments in the state and several exciting new investments in cybersecurity talent and development.




On Friday afternoon, May 21, Damon Hacker, President & CEO at Vestige Digital Investigations is on a panel presentation on the topic of: The SolarWinds Attack.

In Dec. 2020, SolarWinds, a major U.S. information technology firm, had a massive cybersecurity attack added malicious code into the company’s software system, that was then spread through a software update they sent to their clients and went undetected for months.  Major companies and top government agencies were attacked, and sensitive data was exposed.

Reuters first reported the attack in December.  Foreign hackers, who some top U.S. officials believe are Russia, were able to use the hack to spy on private companies like elite cybersecurity firms, leading corporations (MicroSoft, Cisco, Intel, Deloitte and Kent State University to name a few), and the upper echelons of the U.S. government (including parts of the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Treasury Department). It is believed 18,000 or more SolarWinds clients were affected.

Learn how this massive breach happened, what’s been uncovered to date, and why it’s important.


REGISTER HERE: https://www.law.csuohio.edu/academics/cybersecurity


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