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ESI : Regulatory – Subpoena Response Case Study

Large Benchmark Case: Multi-state healthcare provider involved in regulatory investigation for fraud.

Subpoena Response Case Study


Multi-state healthcare provider receives a government subpoena for data and documents relating to fraud.  Benchmark Case.

The Challenge

This matter of electronically stored evidence involved a regulatory investigation of a multi-state healthcare organization. The department being investigated was comprised of approximately 120 individuals.

The Solution

“Vestige preserved 120 workstations, 12 handheld devices and 35 servers which resulted in 25 Terabytes of raw data. This was at a time when the average hard drive size was only 20GB.”

Out of an over-abundance of caution, the client decided to have Vestige preserve 120 workstations, 12 handheld devices and 35 servers which resulted in 25 Terabytes of raw data. Vestige met with the client the day after the client received the subpoena and Vestige preserved the entire collection the following weekend. In less than a week following the receipt of the subpoena, Vestige provided statistics and other metrics that allowed the health care organization to make an educated decision about its approach to handling the review of that data. Due to the vast amount of responsive data, it was determined that manual review was not a viable solution. The client subsequently agreed that Vestige’s OnePass℠ solution would provide the most economical and expedient solution.

The Result

Vestige was able to establish rolling productions of the relevant data within four to five days of the preservation data, and the entire collection was processed in about three weeks. Vestige has used this case as a benchmark against national providers of similar forensic services.

Vestige completed acquisition of all data in one weekend, started pushing out early case metrics in less than a week and completed services in only 6 weeks.  A competitor quoted 6 months to do the same job.
 The shortest time frame available from Vestige’s competitors is two months for the collection and four months for the processing at a cost that is over 15 times what Vestige would charge.

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