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Digital Forensics : Non-Compete Case Study

The Scenario

Non-Compete Case where Corporate client discovers VP of Marketing/Manufacturing is simultaneously working for a competitor and funneling information, leads and business to a foreign competitor.

The Challenge

The client looked into their corporate e-mail system but came up with no evidence.  The FBI was contacted initially, but claimed not enough evidence was present.

The Solution

Client hires Vestige to perform digital forensics and analyze the email system and the employee’s work-issued computer. Through email forensics and investigation of the artifacts, Vestige recovers 2-3 very interesting e-mails to support the client’s case. But it’s when Vestige reviews the VP’s work-issued laptop where they hit the mother lode — hundreds of e-mails and documents are recovered that were sent to the employee’s home e-mail address.  This discovery resulted in the granting of a Motion to Compel, allowing Vestige to then investigate the VP’s home computers.

As a result of Vestige’s thorough forensics and reporting, the FBI then got involved as this case was now viewed at international espionage.

The Result

Although the employee was not directly e-mailing corporate information from the office computer system to the competitor, through exceptional digital forensics performed by Vestige, usable evidence was produced for the client.  The international competitor had to pay restitution and all associated costs. The VP not only lost both his jobs but was banned from the industry.

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