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ESI : Government Investigation – Regulation Cases Representative Matters

Government Investigation – Regulation Representative Matters

The following descriptions highlight a variety of matters for which Vestige services have been retained for government investigations and/or regulation. Each of these digital forensics cases are really matters that we have worked, but for privacy and confidentiality purposes the relevant information has been sanitized. These cases are not the entire population of cases matching such criteria, but instead represent a wide sample of the cases we have worked in this specific area.  Should you need additional information, please contact us.

Insider Trading

A mid-size company has a major investor that was suspected of insider trading.  The SEC requested e-mails from the mid-size company. Vestige imaged multiple computers and servers next day and within a week provided the SEC with their data request. Vestige demonstrated an ability to move fast, preserve data and provide the client with information rather quickly.

Government Investigation of Mid-Size Company

A mid-size company was under investigation by the government.  The government negotiated sets of keywords that resulted in numerous hits.  Vestige ran the e-mail search and provided the results through an online review tool. Vestige was able to assist the law firm representing the mid-size company in establishing a rolling review and prioritizing the most responsive keywords.

Healthcare Regulation – Customized Concordance Database

Vestige was involved in a healthcare regulation matter. Vestige was hired to collect, preserve and convert a sizable amount of data into TIFF format. The Government requested a list of keyword search terms. Vestige searched the data, de-duped it and provided a load file. Additionally, Vestige was also able to create a customized Concordance database at the request of the client.

Manufacturer Price Fixing Scheme

A manufacturer was accused of partnering with other companies in its industry in an attempt to enter into a price fixing scheme.  Initially, the data was collected by another digital forensic company. However, the company made some serious mistakes and was unable to timely respond to requests. The data was subsequently handed over to Vestige for analysis. Vestige reviewed the e-mails, de-duped the resulting e-mails to minimize review time and was able to provide data on a rolling production.

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