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Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Like most Employment Relation matters, Vestige assists both plaintiffs and defendants in Age Discrimination matters.

In fact, in many instances both sides can save time, effort and expense by having Vestige work as a stipulated neutral and conduct the necessary discovery work in employment discrimination cases to assist both sides simultaneously.

Do you know how to prove age discrimination at work? Like most employment relation matters, age discrimination in the workplace can often be proven or thwarted by evaluating Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Vestige has conducted hundreds of Employment Relations matters and scores of age discrimination matters, specifically. Areas of eDiscovery data inquiry include: correspondence between supervisor and employee, supervisor and peers, employee and peers, HR and management communication, review of corporate HR data surrounding corporate hiring and firing decisions and trends, evaluation of data stored in HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) software/databases and much more. Use Vestige’s computer forensics resources to help divulge eDiscovery data.

How Vestige helps Plaintiff in Age Discrimination Cases

Vestige can assist individual and/or classes of employees in cases relating to proving age discrimination in the workplace. Specifically we assist plaintiffs:

  • Understand the complexities of the party opponent’s IT infrastructure and identify relevant data sources
  • Assist counsel to determine whether adequate means of identifying, preserving, analyzing and producing ESI has occurred
  • Help plaintiff ensure his/her/their “house(s) is in order” as it relates to ESI
  • Assist with discovery requests, such as interrogatories, individual depositions, 30(b) depositions, requests for production of documents
  • Analyze and streamline review of opposing side’s production of their relevant data
  • Cost-effectively preserve, analyze and review Plaintiff’s ESI and produce to opposing side

How Vestige helps Defendants in Age Discrimination Cases

Defendants of Age Discrimination matters typically hire Vestige to ensure that they properly preserve, analyze and respond to their party opponent. Hiring parties typically want to know “the good, the bad and the ugly” as it relates to their case–and they call Vestige because they know that’s exactly what we provide. Specifically we help defendants:

  • Identify and preserve relevant data sources through our Defensible Preservation Plan
  • Cost-effectively preserve, analyze, review and produce defendant’s responsive ESI to their party opponent
  • Quickly and effectively help the defendant in their Case Building analysis of the matter
  • Assist with responding to Request for Production of Documents
  • Act as the client’s E-Discovery Coordinator
  • Prepare technical information for inclusion in interrogatories, deposition questions and request for production of documents
  • Represent and defend Vestige’s preservation, analysis, review and production protocols

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