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Bankruptcy & Receivership

Bankruptcy | Receivership

Vestige has extensive experience working bankruptcy investigations and can provide a wide array of analysis and discovery services in these matters.

Whether working in Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) bankruptcy matters to assist in gaining control of the company, its finances and activities or being appointed by the bankruptcy court to assist the trustee/receiver with “locking down” the business to investigate the finances and/or potential fraud, a digital forensics expert at Vestige can actively assist in the electronic discovery process of a bankruptcy analysis.

Services that we have provided in bankruptcy matters include:

  • Preservation of all electronic data
  • Removal/cracking of passwords to provide access to financial systems
  • “Lock down” systems to prevent manipulation
  • Recovery of deleted information, including correspondence and/or financial transactions
  • Review of IT and system controls; recommendations and implementation of better controls
  • Data analysis, data manipulation and data conversion and production to trustee, attorney and/or forensic accountant
  • Identification of multiple sets of financials
  • Provide access to accounting system and financial data
  • Statistical analysis of financial transactions to identify potential fraud leads
  • Investigation of fraud
  • Review of correspondence to determine who knew what and when
  • Assistance with identifying and establishing fraudulent conveyances

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