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Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes

Contract Dispute cases in and of themselves are often complex legal matters without even considering how Electronically Stored Information enters the picture in these possible digital evidence cases.

However, in a society that relies so heavily on the use of computers in the drafting, review, printing, execution and communication surrounding contracts and the negotiation of the terms, it’s no wonder that there’s a world of information available electronically.

Oftentimes, what is needed is nothing more than getting your arms around the facts surrounding the contract, ensuring that all copies are accounted for and building a timeline to understand any changes. Yet other times critical information hinges on what was communicated outside of the four corners of the contract and still other times a critical look at whether documents have been altered becomes the center point of an investigation. Learn more about contract forensics below.

Here’s how Vestige assists in Contract Dispute matters

Analyzing the relevant electronic data sources, Vestige assists contract dispute cases by:

  • Identifying and preserving all relevant data sources containing contract information
  • Identifying and preserving all relevant data sources containing communication surrounding the contract
  • Collecting/aggregating all copies together to provide timeline and document differential analysis
  • Digital forensic analysis of electronic documents to determine if changes have been made
  • Recovery of deleted, drafts and previous versions of contract

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