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Cybersecurity: Incident Response


More and more, organizations are finding themselves targets of cybercrimes. It is no longer true that organizations that have little in the way of “interesting data” can count themselves as immune from attack.

While it is certainly true that organizations that have information of high interest to outsiders are targets, attackers are interested in a wide variety of aspects potentially making any organization a target.

Vestige’s experience with employing incident response solutions surrounding Cybersecurity issues runs deep. Combining our computer forensic expertise to preform a Cybersecurity analysis along with our IT Auditing experience brings quick resolution to security issues. In Cybersecurity issues, time is of the essence and Vestige is well-equipped to react quickly.

We help organizations that have had their security breached or a belief that there has been a breach by providing the following cybersecurity incident response solutions:

Reactive Solutions

  • Collection and analysis of memory (RAM) from affected system(s)
  • Preservation, collection, aggregation and analysis of relevant log files
  • Forensic analysis of relevant devices (servers, workstations, routers, firewalls, etc.)
  • Malware identification, analysis and removal
  • Identification of attack vector
  • Assessment of damage
  • Analysis of Breach Notification Laws to determine organization’s duties
  • Recommendations for stopping the breach and securing the organization’s environment

Proactive Solutions

  • Implementation of written Incident Response plan for future breaches
  • Network Penetration Testing Perimeter Security Assessment
  • IT General Controls Audit

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