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Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations

The use of Electronic Evidence in Domestic Relations matters is becoming increasingly more prevalent and important.

Since electronic devices act as both repositories of content as well as witnesses to the activity that is conducted by using them, electronic devices and the electronic evidence contained on them are seen as more believable vignettes into the truth. Since electronic devices record their information without bias and do so even without the knowledge of the end-user, they can be extremely good sources for untainted evidence. In the domestic relations front, the use of electronic evidence is wide and varied.  The data center discovery phase can be a crucial aspect of divorce investigations and other domestic disputes.

How Vestige assists in Domestic Relations matters

  • Use electronic data collection to identify relevant data sources, including: computer systems, cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), pagers, GPS units and any other valid relevant source of electronic data
  • Preserve and collect relevant data sources in a way that ensures admissibility
  • Identify hidden assets, including bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate and other assets that may be unknown to one party
  • Investigate activity surrounding transfers and other activity used to place assets out-of-the-reach of one party
  • Assist with the evaluation of custodial issues, including whether one party is fit/unfit to have custody

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