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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

With the proliferation of electronic data discovery on any subject, cases involving insurance claims are finding that oftentimes the information that will help prove or disprove a case is found as electronic evidence on devices affiliated with the matter.

Specifically, Vestige has experience with a wide variety of digital insurance claims and support in cases including: arson investigations, automobile accidents, product liability, building defects and similar matters.

Vestige provides two areas of service in Insurance Claims:

Discovery Assistance

  • Identify and Preserve relevant data sources, ensuring admissibility
  • Craft and defend Defensible Preservation Plan
  • Early Case Assessment to determine feasibility and strength of case strategies, learn relevant concepts and terms used by operatives
  • Cost-effectively analyze and process electronic evidence for Case Building and responding to party opponent’s discovery requests
  • Statistical and trend analysis surrounding claim data and other database sources
  • Conversion of native format data to format suitable to party opponent pursuant to FRCP 34(b)

Investigative Expertise

  • Forensic evaluation of electronic media to recover non-privileged communication surrounding claim
  • Forensic analysis of electronic evidence to determine research conducted and timing of research juxtaposed to date of claim to evaluate legitimacy of the claim
  • Identification of hidden assets in “asset recovery” suits
  • Forensic document authentication
  • Testify as to results found

How Vestige helps Claimants in Claims Disputes

  • Identify relevant data sources within claimant’s systems and Insurer’s systems that potentially hold evidence useful to the prosecution and defense of the matter
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and completeness of organization’s litigation hold, preservation and response protocols
  • Assist with cost-effectively collecting, searching and reviewing of electronic evidence produced to claimant through discovery process
  • Prepare and respond to discovery requests of insurer

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