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Negligence & Product Liability

Negligence | Product Liability Cases

Negligence and Product Liability matters often involve analysis of large amounts of structured data as well as a review of unstructured data that spans a large time-frame, often with individuals that have moved around within the organization or are no longer with the organization.

In addition, depending on how the organization structures and retains data, “records” could be scattered throughout the organization. Many of these product liability cases get hung-up not on the merits of the case but rather on satellite litigation surrounding responses in discovery. A digital forensic investigator at Vestige can effectively manage the discovery process, cost-effectively responding to discovery and assisting with the overall efficacy of the discovery in the matter.

How Vestige helps in Negligence and Product Liability Matters

  • Identifying and preserving relevant data sources in an admissible manner
  • Integrating legacy and paper documents into the overall review and response protocol
  • Establishing a Defensible Preservation Plan ensuring that the organization’s house is in-order surrounding identification and preservation of potentially relevant electronically stored information
  • Case-Building and Early Case Assessment to best understand the issues and language used by the individuals involved in the design, marketing, manufacture, production, distribution and use of the product
  • Statistical analysis of engineering, manufacturing and sales structured data
  • Trend analysis and comparison of data from similar products within the organization or with a competitor’s products
  • Cost-effectively and quickly responding to party opponent’s eDiscovery requests

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