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Probate Matter

Probate Matter

While traditionally probate matters have hinged on formalized documentation, such as Last Wills and Testaments, Trust documents and the like, when the authenticity of those documents are called into question, oftentimes evidence that can be of assistance lays present in electronic form. In fact, in many cases the decedent’s true wishes may only be captured in electronic form.

As Vestige specializes in the gathering, analysis and retrieval of electronic data we have gained experience in a number of probate matters. These matters have had very specific and intriguing idiosyncrasies which have resulted in successes for the hiring client.

How Vestige assists in Probate Matters

  • Evaluate the authenticity of electronic versions of documents when the authenticity is being called into question
  • Analyze prior drafts, temporary files and other copies of documents to determine the true intent behind specific decisions where the language is ambiguous or the intent is not understood but needs to be
  • Help evaluate the reasonableness, clarity, cognitive ability and “state-of-mind” of the decedent at the time that changes were made to the documents for purposes of attacking and/or defending document contests

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