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Regulatory & Compliancy

Regulatory | Compliancy

An organization’s response to regulatory and compliancy requests can be a huge drain on the organization’s internal resources.

In many situations, when a regulatory agency requests information, the organization’s only viable means of accomplishing the response is to put on-hold the current activities of those individuals within the organization and reassign them to the regulatory or compliance requests until completion. This can have a devastating effect on completing work that is vital for the organization. Regulatory agencies often have strict timelines, very broad inquiries and of course total control of the situation. An organization needs to respond and should respond to the requests in-full, but nothing more. This needs to be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the regulators are made happy with the progress.  By utilizing one of our certified computer forensic examiner professionals to handle this, the organization isn’t spinning its wheels on non-productive tasks, costs are kept down and overall confidentiality and morale of the organization is not affected.

How Vestige Helps Organizations when Responding to Regulatory & Compliance Matters

  • Identification and preservation of relevant electronic data sources
  • Control of the data and communication to ensure that information is not leaked to individuals outside of the organization (i.e. press, regulators, 3rd party interested parties, non-interested parties)
  • Quickly and cost-effectively analyze, review and produce requested information, in the form that the regulators have requested
  • Resolve unfamiliar and technically complex issues surrounding form of production to regulators
  • Insulate internal constituents (i.e. Information Technology personnel, individual users, supervisors, management, etc.) from the process to ensure that confidentiality is maintained. This also helps with employee morale issues, as the response can be handled without having to unnecessarily worry employees that the organization is being investigated and the consequences that come with that
  • Proactively establish and monitor IT controls, through a wide variety of IT Auditing procedures, to prevent regulatory and compliance issues in the future

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