As of June 1, 2024, Vestige Digital Investigations is part of ArcherHall, a leading digital forensics, 
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Violent Crimes

Digital Forensics for Violent Crimes

In today’s day and age, every criminal case involves digital evidence. Most times the government has the upper-hand, because they have teams of analysts and the time to mount their prosecution.

In Capital Offenses, violent crimes such as murder or betrayal of one’s country are cases that are treated so seriously that death may be considered an appropriate punishment. But what if there is digital evidence out there to help your client achieve a more favorable outcome? A criminal computer forensics expert can help you find out.

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Types of Violent Crime Cases

The Expert Digital Forensics Team at Vestige get involved in a number of Violent Crime Cases including:

  • Capital Offenses
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

Services Offered:

  • Alibi confirmation
  • Location analysis
  • Recovery of deleted information
  • Analysis of alternative hypotheses
  • Review of Law Enforcement Report and opinion
  • Assistance with cross-examination of opposing Expert.

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