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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation claims investigations often come down to understanding and proving the functionality and capability that an “injured” person does or does not have.

When a completely incapacitated individual suffering from significant brain injury, who is collecting workers’ compensation, is found running a home-based business and making travel arrangements that include a trip to Disney World and the beach, that’s a significant anomaly and red-flag. That is, of course, exactly the kind of analysis that evidence on a computer system can divulge, if analyzed. Now, we’re not saying that the majority of Workers’ Compensation claims are fraudulent, but if there’s some suspicion that this is possibly the case, it might make sense to perform such analysis and be prepared with an Incident Response Plan.

How Vestige assists in Workers’ Compensation matters

  • Timeline analysis of evidence on computer, surveillance camera or digital device to establish activity
  • A digital forensic analyst will inspect and review activity and communication surrounding activity to determine whether proclaimed “restrictions” are, in fact, restrictions
  • Providing evidence to medical and/or other professionals to assess cognitive ability
  • Analysis of devices to prove/disprove allegations of fraud

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