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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Investigating a Wrongful Death claim is similar in nature to other” investigative” forms of cases that are often cracked with the information found in electronic devices.

Traditionally, these cases are investigated through interviews of witnesses and others tangentially involved in the matter.Unfortunately, that evidence is clouded by an individual’s memories, length-of-time since the incident and the individual’s own interpretations and beliefs. On the flip side, with today’s investigation forensics, almost every action is captured by some form of digital evidence that when analyzed and interpreted correctly can greatly assist in putting the evidence together and coming to a correct interpretation. Vestige is adept at identifying and analyzing these digital artifacts for a wrongful death investigation.

How Vestige helps in Wrongful Death matters

  • A digital forensic analysis to identify and preserve sources of relevant electronic data from a wide variety of sources such as: computers, video surveillance systems, equipment telemetry reporting and recording systems, communication devices (cell phones, pagers, text messaging), digital cameras, Programmer Logic Controller (PLC) devices, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) sources, etc.
  • Evaluation and analysis of communication patterns before and after an incident
  • Assessment of linguistics / language used by individuals to describe the incident (it is a well known fact that individuals closest to the incident use the most vague language, whereas individuals unassociated with the incident are descriptive in their language)
  • Identification and production of safety documentation, training and other security/safety correspondence to prove/disprove the matter.

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