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Marshall Dennehey Law Firm – Mobile Device Forensics 2021

Marshall Dennehey Law Firm – Mobile Device Forensics 2021

Virtual Event, Online, Webinar

Join Vestige’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg Kelley, BS, EnCE, DFCP as he presents this informative presentation on mobile device forensics.

This virtual presentation is for the legal staff at the Marshall Dennehey law firm.

Title: The Constantly Changing Evidence from Mobile Devices

Electronic information security is constantly in the news.  Apple and Android frequently make security changes in operating systems to protect against attacks and discoveries of weaknesses in security.  Many of these changes affect our ability to extract and recover data from the device.  Operating system upgrades will cause us to lose access to some artifacts while gaining access to new capabilities and data elements.  In this presentation, we will cover the changes to the most popular data elements that have been useful in prior matters.  Bring your questions regarding any data elements and we will be sure to get you an answer.

CLE available for attendees.