Bloomsburg University in PA is hosting the 2024 BloomCON - 0x08. Vestige is guest speaking on March 1 on Careers in Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity.

OSBA Quick Webcast CLE

OSBA Quick Webcast CLE

Online Webinar, Utilize your internet connected device., Tune in wherever you are.

Law Firm Cybersecurity:  A Process…Not a Project

Attorneys, don’t miss this valuable CLE — join the Ohio State Bar Association’s Quick Webcast In this session, attendees will learn a framework for designing and implementing Cybersecurity in their firm – regardless if you’re a sole practitioner or a multi-office firm.  Most notably it addresses the reasons why the traditional approaches to security are not working, a look at how we got to where we are and most importantly how to actually address the issue.  We explore a framework, that when adopted, maintained, and practiced will not only set organizations up to be secure, but also allow the organization to benefit from the protections afforded under the Ohio Data Protection Act.

Presented by:

Damon Hacker, President & CEO
Vestige Digital Investigations – Cybersecurity, Digital Forensic and E-Discovery Services

OSBA CLE: 1.0 hr

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For more information and to register visit: Ohio State Bar Association – Meetings & Events