Kelley to present a CLE webinar to Women in eDiscovery - Indianapolis Chapter on June 5 on the topic: Fabricating & Concealing Data on Smart Phones.

Philadelphia Association of Paralegals – Webinar

Philadelphia Association of Paralegals – Webinar

Virtual, Online, Event

Greg Kelley, Chief Technology Officer at Vestige Digital Investigations, is speaking to members of the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals on Thursday, February 24, 2022 from noon to 1 pm.

Presentation Topic: Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics
In almost any litigation a call is made to collect cell phones and produce text messages.  But what about other data on the phone?  Emails?  Location information?  Surreptitious messaging?  This presentation will discuss what data you can, and cannot, get from a mobile device as well as how you get that data and how you present or deliver it.

The Philadelphia Association of Paralegals (PAP) was formed in 1973 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession. The membership is comprised of practicing paralegals, students, individuals, schools, law firms and other organizations. PAP is a charter member of The National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) which has over 17,000 members nationwide. NFPA allows PAP and its members to be involved in the formation of policies affecting the paralegal profession and to stay informed of developments on a national scope.