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Request for Production of Documents

Request for Production of Documents

An important first step in the e-Discovery | ESI process is a proper Request for Production of Documents (RFP).

For maximum benefit, Vestige has taken great care as to the choice of words and specifics of the legal services RFP. Therefore, we encourage you to read the preamble to get a better understanding and justification for why we have formulated it in the manner in which we have.

It is also important to understand that if electronic information is requested incorrectly there are some situations in which you might be stuck.
See article: RFP of Documents Can Be A Document Trap.

Vestige provides this sample Request for Production of Documents template for the convenience of the client and its counsel. Please see our Terms of Use for limitations. While Vestige Ltd. provides Expert testimony and provides services within the context of litigation, Vestige Ltd is not a law firm and does not practice law. For legal questions, concerns or advice please consult your counsel. No information provided by Vestige Ltd should be construed as legal advice.


(Vestige never shares contact info with any third-party vendors)

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