Vestige offers Response (Reactive) Services in four areas – Digital Forensics, CyberSecurity,  ESI, and Data Recovery.  We are parachuted into the situation with the purpose of solving the client’s issue.



Digital Forensics, also known a computer forensics, is the science of extracting electronic information, both visible and invisible, from digital devices or systems. With the ubiquitous nature of computers both in the workplace and at home, it’s little wonder why so much of today’s “evidence” is found on the computer.

While other companies perform Digital Forensic services, Vestige focuses specifically on how the information garnered from a digital device can be used in litigation. Our Digital Forensics Company was founded by forensically trained attorneys and forensically-trained IT specialists. This provides our clients with the best of both worlds when it comes to Digital Forensic analysis. While electronic evidence is utilized in courts more than ever before, it is still a new and often misunderstood process. Vestige’s highly-trained Forensic Analysts know how to navigate the legal system, are Experts at retrieving information and understand how to get the electronic evidence admitted in court.

Our techniques are cutting-edge and withstand the scrutiny of a Daubert-Frye legal analysis. This unique combination not only ensures high levels of success in finding evidence, but that evidence will be admissible in a Daubert test. Moreover, if the evidence exists, Vestige finds it.

We can be engaged at any point along the lines of your case, however, the earlier we are brought into a case the more successful your case will be. In fact, our involvement often happens before a case is even filed. Whether assisting with the formation of your Request for Production, helping compel the other side to produce electronic data, or assisting you to determine which systems are relevant in the case, Vestige is well-equipped to handle all aspects of your matter.
Customers engage with us to:

  • Acquire (also known as imaging) the relevant electronic information in a forensically-sound manner
  • Maintain evidence, including establishing an air-tight Chain of Custody on all evidence and keeping evidence in a locked, controlled environment
  • Unlock all of the data on the system(s), both visible and invisible
  • Completely analyze the information for relevant findings
  • Organize our findings into a comprehensive report that focuses on relevancy to your case, while still maintaining privilege; and
  • Testify in court as to our findings as Digital Forensic Experts




Vestige also provides cyber incident response services in regards to CyberSecurity by investigating Data Breaches and providing Incident Response. Today’s end-user has much to worry about when it comes to the security and privacy of their data. You can’t read news headlines without learning about the latest organization to be “hacked” into or what the latest company is to have a data breach exposing all of your private information. Technology is all around us–we use it every day and gain much from it. But at the same time, how many of us really understand what’s going on behind-the-scenes to make sure our personal and private data is as secure as it can be?

Customers engage with us for our specialized expertise to: 

  • Quickly identify the malicious activity.
  • Stop data loss
  • Investigate the Data Breach
  • Assess to understand the scope of the data breach
  • Preserve the evidence
  • Support your company’s legal position to respond to anticipated litigation and downstream liability issues
  • Validate trusted relationships
  • Restore public and private confidence in your processes and personnel
  • Recommend appropriate courses of action to prevent follow-on and future attacks





The pervasiveness of electronic information in today’s corporations and organizations means that the discovery of facts in almost every matter necessarily will involve electronic information. This is such a prevalent fact that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) as well as the Rules of Civil Procedure in many states have been amended to ensure that this evidence is considered early in the process. Vestige’s specialty is helping organizations best manage and respond to Electronically Stored Information, or ESI.

Electronic document discovery has grown and morphed dramatically in an extremely short amount of time. A practice that was once relegated to under-the-table agreements of “I won’t ask for your ESI if you don’t ask for mine” has grown to a level where smart attorneys and smart clients recognize that the overall discovery process can be elevated when ESI is handled correctly. Of course there are still those that feel that e-Discovery is too burdensome and doesn’t offer any value. With a plethora of vendor solutions that exist, it is hard to recognize the right way to conduct eDiscovery solutions in the digital age.

As Electronic Evidence Experts, Vestige helps organizations Recognize, Prepare and Respond to their duties surrounding Electronically Stored Information. Our OnePass(SM) ESI Solutions process leverages technology, linguistics and statistics in order to achieve a highly effective, highly efficient and cost-effective manner of preparing and responding to ESI needs.




Data stored on electronic media is susceptible to a number of issues that can make the data inaccessible. These issues seem to have a way of cropping up at the most inopportune times.

A digital forensics examiner from Vestige can employ advanced forensic data recovery processes and procedures to retrieve lost data from not only all but the most severely damaged media. Whether the data failure is due to a logical failure (misconfigured/corrupted data), electronic failure or physical component damage, Vestige can assist in assessing the damage, determining recovery feasibility and recovering data.

If you suspect damage to the drive and the data is worth anything to you, you should take immediate steps to ensure the success of any data recovery attempts.


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