Welcome to Vestige Digital Investigations Case Studies page. Here we provide you with actual Case Studies as well as Representative Matters that provide a sampling of the types of matters in which Vestige has been engaged to perform work. You’ll see that Vestige provides a wide array of case types and a deep knowledge and experience in the digital field that help to provide successful outcomes for our clients.

Departing Employee Forensic Investigations

Signs that may warrant an investigation when an employee departs your employ. Includes best practices to perform for EVERY departing employee.

IP Theft: The Insider Threat

Beware of one of the most dangerous threats to Intellectual Property Theft — the insider.

Vestige provides advice to i-Sight on how to keep your company’s sensitive data safe from thieves, your reputation intact and your money in the bank.

Behind The Wheel

There is a certain assumed level of privacy when we are “behind the wheel” of our electronic devices. Don’t forget — all sorts of remaining evidence can serve as a witness.

Incident Response | Data Theft

You can’t pick up a newspaper today or hit the home page for your favorite news source without reading an article where you have a company that was hacked or had some sensitive data exposed.  It has sadly become almost as constant as death and taxes.  Case in point, Target made just the type of news it didn’t want to during the holiday season – a season that reflects heavily on a retailer’s bottom line.