Welcome to Vestige Digital Investigations Case Studies page. Here we provide you with actual Case Studies as well as Representative Matters that provide a sampling of the types of matters in which Vestige has been engaged to perform work. You’ll see that Vestige provides a wide array of case types and a deep knowledge and experience in the digital field that help to provide successful outcomes for our clients.

Social Media — The Hidden Data (Part 1 of 2)

Vestige reveals behind the scenes info on social networks. Take a look at all the types of hidden data that can uncover valuable information and evidence.

The Advantage of Covert Imaging

Have concerns about an employee with advanced digital access and want to investigate without alerting them? Learn more about Covert Digital Imaging.

Cell Phones, Mobile Device Forensics & Vestige

Often when people think of Vestige, the first thing that comes to mind is computers. We also perform a tremendous amount of cell phone and mobile device forensics.

White-Collar Crime, Digital Forensics & Vestige

We’re in a digital world and cutting edge organizations utilize Digital Forensics to help prevent, detect and find digital evidence to prove White-Collar Crimes.