Welcome to Vestige Digital Investigations Case Studies page. Here we provide you with actual Case Studies as well as Representative Matters that provide a sampling of the types of matters in which Vestige has been engaged to perform work. You’ll see that Vestige provides a wide array of case types and a deep knowledge and experience in the digital field that help to provide successful outcomes for our clients.

It’s important when requesting Production of Documents to ask for the native file – the original file format in which the ESI resides on the media from which it is to be produced.

Electronic Devices are Witnesses presents a “way of thinking” about electronic evidence and computer forensics that links electronic evidence and its use in discovery to the manner in which attorneys usually prepare to assist a client. If you accept that electronic devices are “witnesses” (i.e. they can tell us who knew what, when did they …

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Presentation: Using and managing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for the best and most efficient results This presentation covers using and managing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to effectively obtain better results in an efficient manner. Continue reading to learn more about our presentation on how to obtain electronic evidence during E-discovery. Learn: The importance of planning & managing …

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