As of June 1, 2024, Vestige Digital Investigations is part of ArcherHall, a leading digital forensics, 
e-discovery, and cybersecurity service provider. The Vestige team that you know and trust will
continue to serve you at ArcherHall. Our expanded team, capabilities, and infrastructure will allow
us to serve you and your clients even better.

Digital Forensics in Cincinnati


Digital Forensics in Cincinnati, Ohio

As leading Digital Forensic Experts in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, Vestige Digital Investigations are specialists in extracting digital evidence.  We provide timely and trusted investigations of ANY digital devices to uncover evidence and artifacts used to help resolve disputes and litigate claims.

The Value of Vestige

Vestige does not sell on price. We do however, provide high quality digital forensic and computer forensic services. We perform acquisition, preservation to find active and deleted data as well as artifacts to provide a clear and easy to understand view of what a device(s) was used for in the past. This digital forensics process can include building timelines, locating deleted emails, document alteration, access dates on single or multiple devices and much more.  We help uncover valuable evidence from matters that range from Age Discrimination, Contract Disputes and Insurance Claims to IP Theft, Non-Compete, and White-Collar Crime to name a few.

Our team of digital investigators work with professionals including: Outside Counsel | Law Firms; In-house Counsel | General Counsel; CPAs, Auditors and Financial services; HR, IT as well as Law Enforcement Agencies.

Here are the key reasons why clients choose Vestige:

  • Reputation –  we are established and trusted business advisors in the legal, insurance, IT security, HR, financial, law enforcement and corporate industries. In fact 66% of our business is based on referrals.
  • Accuracy – we have high standards and strive to exceed client expectations. Through our extensive experience we are able to gain remarkable insight that is locked within digital devices. We perform extensive testing before providing an exceptionally detailed objective report highlighting relevant evidence critical to your matter.
  • Speed – our clients gain speedier access to critical information. We’re known for fast turn-around on matters where quick response is crucial.  Our standard time is two weeks, with capability of 72 hour in emergent matters.
  • Responsiveness – we are known for being accessible. Speak to a live person when you call Vestige. We’re here when you need us.
  • Knowledge – Each analyst has a bachelor’s degree and advanced certifications specific to Digital Forensics. We offer deep knowledge of both the technical and legal aspects of digital forensics.
  • Listening – as each case is unique, we listen to our clients and respond with sound, proven answers that are custom-fit based on each client’s needs.
  • Skilled – The IT field is constantly changing and required continuous education and training to stay on top of the latest changes. Vestige maintains the latest certifications and helps lead the industry in Thought Leadership.
  • Value for the Cost – Our flat-fee pricing allows a predictive investment with virtually no-cost overruns in 99.61% of the matters brought to Vestige.
  • Objective – as a Neutral Party we’re up-front with our clients. We not only represent either side, defendant or plaintiff, but we are also respected Testimonial Experts, having testified in courts of law in more than 70 matters in digital forensics and cybersecurity matters.

Vestige serves the ‘Queen City’ of Cincinnati, Ohio area and nearby Hamilton, Middletown, Fairfield and Mason, Ohio; as well as Covington, Florence and Independence, Kentucky from our convenient Columbus, Ohio office location. CONTACT US for digital forensic and computer forensic investigations by email or call Vestige today at 614-846-8660.

For services in northern Ohio, learn about our digital forensics investigations services in Toledo.