Kelley to present a CLE webinar to Women in eDiscovery - Indianapolis Chapter on June 5 on the topic: Fabricating & Concealing Data on Smart Phones.

Ohio Bar Association – Family Law Institute CLE

Ohio Bar Association – Family Law Institute CLE

Live Interactive Webinar

The Ohio Bar Association is hosting the 12th Annual Family Law Institute on Thursday, April 18 from 8:15 AM to 3:30 PM.  This is a live, interactive webinar.

Ohio Family Law / Domestic Relations attorneys and legal professionals seeking Continuing Legal Education (CLE) are invited to attend.
Credits: 5.00 General 1.00 Professional Conduct

KEYNOTE SPEAKER is Greg Kelley, Co-Owner & CTO of Vestige Digital Investigations, a leading Digital Forensic & Cybersecurity Expert Company.  He is presenting on the following Digital Forensics topic from 9:30 to 10:30 AM:

Deepfake Dangers – When Your Eyes and Ears Deceive You


  1. The importance of proper forensic preservation of devices or sources of electronic data including but not limited to cell phones, tablets, mailboxes and social media.
  2. Dangers or production or acceptance of screenshots including real world examples where attorneys were duped and cases were shut down.
  3. What the future may hold for recordings, messages, videos and other electronic data and what can be done about it.

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Greg Kelley, CTO | Founder

As a founder of Vestige, Greg has been involved in the digital forensics field since 2000. He is responsible for the creation of Vestige’s infrastructure and continues to oversees Vestige’s forensics team to provide consistent high-quality results in a timely basis.

Greg has 20 years of experience working in the computer industry. His various positions and responsibilities included custom software design and implementation, network management and security, database programming, disaster recovery and end-user support. For the past 15 years, Greg has helped Vestige become one of the few companies capable of performing comprehensive digital forensic investigations. He has worked on criminal and civil matters covering areas such as intrusion and incident response, intellectual property theft, fraud and uncovering hidden assets. Greg is experienced and has testified in State court and Federal court in both civil and criminal cases.