Vestige and McGuireWoods law firm are presenting to the SAME BOSTON POST on October 3. Topic: What to Know Before the CMMC Auditor Arrives.


Ohio Public Private Partnership – Southwest Program

Ohio Public Private Partnership – Southwest Program

OP3 | GE Gobal Operations Center, 191 Rosa Parks St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

The Ohio Dept of Public Safety and Homeland Security developed new tactics to better serve Ohioans in the wake of natural and man-made disasters. ODPS established the Ohio Public Private Partnership (OP3) to build partnerships across the state by engaging state and local government agencies, businesses, industries and associations in a collaborative effort to enhance disaster planning, preparedness, response, and recovery. Comprised of public and private sector representatives they share a vision of building the program through grass-root strategy.

Vestige President, & CEO Damon Hacker presents a dynamic cybersecurity presentation titled:

Information (IN)-Security

It combines a look at the Top 10 Trends, a hacker’s perspective on what makes an organization’s environment attractive for attack and some real-world recommendations of things that can be done as soon as the presentation is over to better secure their environment.

For more information, visit the OP3 web site:

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017  |  2:30pm | OP3 | GE Gobal Operations Center | 191 Rosa Parks St, Cincinnati, OH 45202