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Triage Report

Vestige Triage Report for Digital Forensics

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Triage Report

Triage is useful if a client suspects something or the circumstances of the situation warrant a quick review of a digital device, usually a computer.  Generally, there is not any tangible evidence supporting a forensic review apart from circumstantial evidence – so a cursory review may be just the right thing.

Vestige’s Triage Report is an inexpensive option that can be added to the investigation.  The Triage Report is a basic, high level review of what’s on the computer in a template format. If something is found during the basic triage of a device, Vestige may recommend a full analysis of the device.

Clients get the benefit of Vestige’s Expert’s opinion as to whether the cursory review reveals a high likelihood that a full forensic examination is warranted – without having to commit to a full investigation (and the monetary investment) – until it is known that there’s a high likelihood that the full analysis will reveal additional evidence.