As of June 1, 2024, Vestige Digital Investigations is part of ArcherHall, a leading digital forensics, 
e-discovery, and cybersecurity service provider. The Vestige team that you know and trust will
continue to serve you at ArcherHall. Our expanded team, capabilities, and infrastructure will allow
us to serve you and your clients even better.

Discovery Consulting

How Vestige Fits the Bill

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Finding and Organizing Digital Evidence Requires a Specific Set of Unique Skills and Experience

The rush to technology and the workplace innovations that have accompanied it are still relatively new. As a result, society’s experience with the nuances of electronic creation, distribution and warehousing of information is still in its infancy. This inexperience creates waste and inefficiencies as professionals try to manipulate different technologies for specific purposes. Nowhere is this as obvious as when attorneys and their clients try to extract evidence from the technology that created it and use that evidence to resolve disputes or litigate claims.
Finding and extracting evidence in a digital society requires legal, investigative and trial experience combined with a technological understanding of electronic devices. What’s needed is a company that can bridge the gap between legal and IT professionals.

Vestige bridges this gap. Founded by forensically-trained trial attorneys and forensically-trained IT Professionals, Vestige specializes in finding evidence. Using powerful forensic tools, Vestige will simultaneously identify and extract all evidence embedded in all forms of technology across the business enterprise. Once extracted, Vestige can apply a wide range of analytics for use by the client, its legal and investigative team.

We understand what constitutes usable evidence and the unique rules of law associated with discovery and privilege. Simply put, we deliver evidence instead of large compilations of unanalyzed data.

Why Vestige Is The Right Choice

Experts at finding evidence stored, buried, or hidden on any electronic media

  • While our understanding of digital forensic technologies is unsurpassed, our principal organizational mission is to find evidence. The Vestige Computer Analysis Team will find all evidence regardless of whether it’s visible, hidden amidst the deleted material, or buried in unallocated areas of the media.
  • Our proprietary “Non Adversarial” discovery process eliminates disruption and productivity loss in the workplace. On average, a Vestige Computer Analysis Team is “on-site” for less than six hours and completes its imaging during organizational down time.
  • We focus our investigation only upon information that is relevant to the dispute in question and we never leave any signs of our investigation on individual computers.
  • We do not conduct evidentiary fishing expeditions. We use electronic tools and never simply “browse” the media.
  • With our experience in the legal discovery process, we recognize relevant information when we find it and we protect privilege.
  • Most important, we present our findings so that the information is both usable in developing legal strategies and admissible in court.

Vestige makes it possible for you to take full control of the Discovery Process by combining legal and computer expertise in every case or dispute you face.

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