We are electronic evidence experts

"I also wanted to thank you for being the first company to enclose a chain of custody with your package.  See Jessica, I told you they were good..."

Patrick Paige, EnCE, SCERS
Computer Forensics LLC
Boynton Beach, Florida


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Vestige Overview


Vestige, Ltd was formed in May of 2004 through the merging of F1, Ltd and Computer Investigation & Evidence, Inc. Combined the company has over 10 years experience in the computer forensics field, over 20 years experience practicing law and over 30 years experience in the realm of information technology.


To be the leading provider of Computer Forensic services for the use in civil litigation, law enforcement, criminal proceedings and corporate policy administration. We are founded on the principals of honesty, integrity, professionalism and the quest to become the undisputed experts on the subject of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery for the legal community.


We will accomplish our Vision by:

  • Constantly applying our knowledge and expertise in the field to further developments in the science of Computer Forensics,
  • Proactively reviewing our business model and methodologies striving for perfection and adjusting accordingly,
  • Developing products and services superior in workmanship and overall value for our clientele,
  • Listening to the needs of our clientele and remaining flexible and agile enough to adapt to those needs,
  • Integrating the collective expertise of a team of professionals into our methodologies, standards and procedures,
  • Creating value in the work that we do and the development of the company which provides a fair and reasonable profit.