Risk Mapping

Helping organizations identify and prioritize their cybersecurity risks and their likelihood with a visual heat map and report.

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Unfortunately, addressing cybersecurity initiatives within an organization is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

In fact, two nearly identical organizations could have a wildly different set of risks to contend with.  This could be a result of:

  • the technology that they’ve each employed,
  • the manner in which they operate, and even
  • the difference in cultures.

For an organization to really address it’s cybersecurity, it needs to identify and understand the risks that it faces.

Risk Mapping is an essential key in a successful cybersecurity program.

Risk Mapping is a data visualization tool for communicating specific risks an organization faces. A risk map helps companies identify and prioritize the risks associated with their business.  It also includes the process of identifying the risks within the environment and understanding how they impact the organization.  Generally speaking knowing the likelihood that a risk could pose an issue, correlated with the impact that such risk would pose if it were to happen — will give the organization an understanding as to whether this is a risk that needs to be addressed or if it falls below that organization’s risk tolerance.   When aggregated, these identified risks can be qualitatively and quantitatively assessed — providing clarity around the organization’s “true risks” and most importantly, a prioritized roadmap of what needs to be addressed by way of a cybersecurity program.

So while most companies cannot afford to address every possible cybersecurity risk scenario, by having Risk Mapping performed, it will judiciously display the risks vs. impact to determine which have the highest probability of occurring. This way companies can then invest in the right protective measures based on the highest  risks that are likely to occur.

Make sure your cybersecurity program is based upon these true risks and avoid the typical “shotgun” approach that gets so many organizations into trouble from a cybersecurity and expense standpoint.

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