CLEVELAND, OH.  Vestige Digital Investigations, a leading Ohio-based Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery firm announces the opening of another office, located in Columbus, Ohio.

“Since 2004, Vestige has continued to work with many of the top law firms and companies in Columbus, Ohio and looks forward to being able to continue our excellent reputation by being able to serve our clients even better with the addition of the Columbus office”, says CEO Damon Hacker.  Chief Legal Officer, Don Wochna, Esq., explains the firm’s rationale, “While our reach is world-wide all of which is presently sourced from either our Cleveland or Pittsburgh offices, the move down the I-71 corridor puts us 90 minutes closer to our existing clients in Columbus.  We’re confident that having a location in Columbus will allow us to bring our expertise and high-touch to many more clients and we look forward to expanding our presence”

About Vestige Digital Investigations.  We are Electronic Evidence Experts that Turn Digital Evidence into Intelligence (TM).  We do this by utilizing a step-by-step protocol supported by technology and case law; carried out by legal and technical professionals, who take responsibility for identifying and producing electronically stored evidence in a manner that transforms the responsive data into usable evidence.

As trusted business advisors, we enable our clients to make educated and informed decisions about their approach and application regarding electronic evidence. To that end, our clients realize: speedier access to critical information, earlier in the process; the most cost-effective alternative for their specific needs; and a more thorough and defensible approach to identifying, preserving, analyzing, searching, producing and reviewing electronic evidence.

We provide solutions to clients all around the world, with particular emphasis on the Great Lakes Region and Eastern United States.  With offices in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and now Columbus we routinely service clients in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.  Our focus is on: 1) Digital Forensics from any form of digital evidence including computers, Smart phones, cell phones, mobile devices, digital video / surveillance systems, digital audio devices and nearly any other digital media; 2)Electronic Discovery; and 3) IT Auditing.

For more information, contact Damon Hacker at 330.721.1205.