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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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MEDINA, OH (Oct. 21, 2021) -Cybersecurity Awareness Month was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in October 2004 as a broad effort to help all Americans stay safer and more secure online.

Vestige offers eight helpful tips to help protect your data:

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication (aka 2FA)
    Multi-factor authentication is based on providing multiple authentication methods, such as something you are, something you know and something you have. By having a multi-check process, you are reducing your risk of being phished.
  2. Password Manager
    Password managers store your login information for all the websites you use and help you log into them automatically. They encrypt your password database with a master password – the master password is the only one you have to remember.
  3. Patching Devices
    Applying patches to your devices is very important. Vendors (Apple, Microsoft, Google) fix vulnerabilities in their software updates/patches. If you do not patch/update your device, malware can sneak in and infect your device.
  4. Encrypt Your Data
    In case your laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen, encrypting your hard drive and email provides an additional layer of protection against thieves.
  5. Email Sender Confirmation
    Hackers can spoof the display name of a person you know or trust in email. Be sure to look at the email address to confirm the true sender. Any email discussing personal or sensitive data needs a phone call to the sender to verify.
  6. Limiting Personal Information
    Social media is great to connect with long-lost friends, family and potential clients. However, hackers look for common items people share – pet names, maiden names, your favorite places – to hack in. Minimize how much information you share on your platforms.
  7. Power-Off Bluetooth
    Bluetooth is easy for hackers to communicate with your phone and steal data from the phone if Bluetooth is enabled. Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it.
  8. Watch for Suspect Links To Phishing Scams in Emails
    Fake e-mails are sent that appear to be coming from your bank, asking you to verify your bank account has not been tampered with. Delete the email and do not click the link provided.

“Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”